Spot2 pashmina shawl

Spot 2


Spot 1 and Spot 2 are lovingly named after Thing 1 and Thing 2 from Dr. Suess’, The Cat in the Hat, a favorite book of the designer when she was young. But don’t let the names fool you: there’s nothing childish about the elegant, modern designs of these brightly colored pashmina shawls, perfect for all seasons.

The scarf is a loose-weave blend of 80% cashmere pashmina wool and 20% silk for a luxurious feel, ultra lightweight and subtle sheen that doesn’t pill. Plus, this scarf is 100% handmade in Nepal, meaning the wool is hand spun, hand woven, and hand dyed and the fabric is screen printed by hand.

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70 x 200 cm (2.3 x 6.6 ft)


80% Cashmere Pashmina, 20% Silk