70 x 200 cm (2.3 x 6.6 ft)


60% Linen, 40% Cashmere Pashmina Wool, Handmade in Nepal


Cashmere Pashminas

From the Designer

After snorkeling in Hawaii I noticed how the schools of fish take on uniform patterns, each fish almost indecipherable from the group as it moves in one unit, making circles through the currents, shimmering in bright contrast to the dark bluffs of lava rock. This patterned black and white cashmere scarf inspired by these schools is just the piece needed to finish a classy outfit, whether it be workday slacks and blouse, a simple dress for a dinner with clients, or a wool coat and boots for a cold night outdoors.

This pashmina scarf is a loose-weave blend of 40% cashmere pashmina and 60% linen creating a soft, lightweight all natural fiber scarf for all seasons. Plus, it is 100% handmade in Nepal, meaning the fabric is hand spun, hand woven, and hand dyed and screen printed by hand.

Pashmina refers to a type of fine cashmere wool that comes from a special breed of goat, indigenous to the high altitudes of the Himalayan Mountains. Cashmere from Nepalese pashmina wool is the highest quality that exists due to the conditions that mountain goats have adapted to over centuries. In order to survive the harsh, cold climate, the mountain goats have developed exceptionally warm and light fiber that is six times finer than a human hair, and creates the most luxurious fabric in the world.

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